15 Minutes is a public transportation consumer advocacy alliance. We connect and amplify consumer voices towards a goal of shortening transit times, expanding services, and improving service quality in an effort to make public transportation a suitable alternative to private vehicles.

We operate with the help of volunteers and professionals by inspiring citizen action and creating media campaigns that challenge decision makers to prioritize public transport.

Public transportation can be fast, efficient, convenient and accessible. Israel also deserves advanced public transportation systems, but we’ll only get there if we band together to demand change. Do you care about just, accessible, transport systems? Then you belong with us!

Why are we called 15 Minutes?

Our vision is that one day it will be possible to arrive to the city center from your home within 15 minutes by way of public transportation.

The organization was initiated in 2009 in Jerusalem by a group of residents from the Katamon neighborhood who wanted to be able to get to the downtown area or Central Bus Station within 15 minutes using public transportation. Thanks to their efforts bus line 15 was created, which today is one of the most popular and well used bus lines in the city. In 2013 we registered as a non-profit and have since begun operating on a national level.

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