15 Minutes works with local community leaders to build strong networks of engaged, informed, active consumers.

Citizen activism is one of our greatest resources and tools in our effort to advance public transportation in Israel.

Capacity building skills are provided through seminars, workshops, and field experience in citizen activism enable consumers to self-organize and advocate for their transportation needs. 15 Minutes currently supports citizen activist groups in 20 different communities, with 10 more expected to join in the coming year.

Israeli Youth

Israeli youth are heavy public transport users and represent the next generation of transport consumers. Educating and influencing our youth today directly influences the future of public transportation in Israel, both on the consumer side and by shaping future decision makers.

We hope to encourage today’s young people to be informed, active, and knowledgeable about their transportation, and hopefully form positive habits like using public transport instead of private cars. 15 Minutes reaches out to schools, youth groups, and scouts to help young leaders take charge of their transportation rights.

For instance,  Young activists in Ramat Gan successfully campaigned their local municipality as well as the national parliament to implement transport-only lanes in their town. If you are a young leader or work with youth and would like get involved with citizen activism regarding public transportation, please contact us for more information.

Together, we can make an even greater impact. 15 Minutes has teamed up with Transport Today and Tomorrow, Israel Bicycle Association, The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research and the Transportation Research Institute at the Technion to create a network of cities to promote sustainable public transport nationwide.

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