15 Minutes creates media campaigns, petitions public officials, and works with experts, operators, and decision makers to influence policy and practice.

Bus-only lanes are key in ensuring that bus transportation is a convenient, fast, viable option for the average citizen. Make Space for Public Transport campaign succeeded in convincing 18 municipalities in the Tel Aviv metro area to add over 300km of bus only lanes.

70% of Israelis cite location as one of their top considerations when considering a new job. One third of Israelis spend 90 minutes in the car on their way to work, and again on the way home. The Quick Commute campaign aims to ease commute times.  Launched just last year, 3 successful pilot projects have already been complete, resulting in the creation of 8 direct bus lines high capacity employment centers.

In response to Israel’s growing housing crisis, new neighborhoods are popping up everywhere all over Israel. These modernistic neighborhoods are an amazing opportunity to make Israel’s future a place that promotes walking and public transportation over private car usage. New Neighborhoods – New Opportunities works with planners and decision makers to ensure that smart transportation systems are part of tomorrow’s neighborhoods.

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