Empowering consumers

15 Minutes provides the tools and support needed for consumers to elevate and leverage their collective power to promote more just public transportation.

We have the ability to gather current, and direct data.

This allows us to approach members of Knesset, Ministry of transportation, local municipalities and transport providers with the relevant knowledge and credibility to demand change.

Our free hotline allows users to report issues easily and make their voices heard, transforming them from passengers to influential consumers. Last year we processed over 8,000 reports, 500 of which directly resulted in service improvements.

A new 15 Minutes app

enables passengers to report problems and seek assistance even more easily.

This app helped contribute to a growing, crowd sourced pool of information on how to best improve public transit. In its first six month over 5,000 reports were recorded, and 30 bus lines underwent improvements as a result of app data.

Take pictures


Write reports


We use the legal system

allows us to bring attention to re-occurring issues, as well as hold transportation providers accountable. Small Claims – Big Impact is our program that connects consumers with the appropriate legal assistance to file small claims against transport operators for unacceptable service failures. So far, the program has had a 100% success rate in winning over 50 small claims, resulting in over 40,000 NIS compensated.

If you need language assistance please let us know.

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